Brief History of our apartments

Everything within a few steps
The location of the property at a strategic point in the center of the city of Rethymnon will
help you find everything next to you, whether you are looking for a Super Market or a
restaurant, pharmacy, night out, beaches etc everything is next to you
It is worth visiting the popular local market and the local market of organic local products that
you find a few meters from our accommodation, there you will find many different products
and mainly local products and delicacies

We would like to emphasize the excellent quality of sleep we offer, the mattresses and
pillows we have chosen are of excellent quality because we believe “a good sleep is a
wonderful stay”

What also characterizes us is the emphasis we place on the green policy of the
accommodation. It is important for us to constantly reduce the ecological footprint of the
building and aim to make every activity environmentally friendly.
Check out some of the steps we follow below:
 Recycling is actively supported within the business space by collecting and disposing
of waste material in glass, aluminum, paper, plastic and batteries
 We choose as many ecological products as possible
 We do not use plastic in consumables such as water bottles, wine bottles, straws
and disposable plastic bottles in shampoos and shower gels
 Most cleaning materials we use are eco-labeled
 Energy savings by replacing old technologies with new more environmentally
friendly ones are constantly evolving
 Hot water comes mainly from solar panels
 Our air conditioners operate with heat pump technology where they achieve
maximum efficiency with the lowest consumption
 Municipal waste and waste are managed with rational policies

 Controlled use in materials and consumables, we consume less paper, less
detergents, controlled use of printers and copiers, etc.
 We encourage and inform colleagues and clients about our “green policy”
 We encourage customers to make the smallest possible change to towels and sheets
 Save water by placing double buttons in the toilet cisterns

Finally, the “we do local” policy is important for us
We consider it important to support the local community as much as possible in order to
highlight what our prefecture, our island and our country offer in order for our guests to get
to know the Greek hospitality.
 Disseminate local customs and traditions
 We present our local cuisine
 We support local producers
 We operate based on respect for the environment and sustainability
 We support the local workforce

We choose local products in order to promote them, to enhance local production and the
economy, where it results in a lower burden on the environment due to the reduced
distance between the consumer and the producer.

Our goal is to offer you a home away from home and to help you sense our culture and explore our island’s treasures.